About Us


A simple three step process starts with truly good tea, the right water temperature and the correct brewing time. The difference between the resulting cup and the artificially flavoured, overbrewed bagged tea offered everywhere is worth starting a tea revolution for!

But tea hasn’t always been this straightforward for Mirka and Nina. For a start, Nina came from a hard-coffee- drinking family, where a day would begin with litre of coffee. She was forced to give tea the chance it deserved when she moved to countries dominated by tea-drinkers. Over time, Nina has come came to truly appreciate tea.

Mirka, on the other hand, has only ever wanted to drink tea since sipping out of Arabia teacups with her Grandmothers. She has only been interested in tea partly because she really loves it, and partly because she wanted to stay young by never moving onto that ‘adult’ coffee drink, just like Peter Pan … but with a different approach. But Mirka and Nina both grew up, travelling separately to far-flung countries and drinking many a brew. Mirka and Nina have reunited to blend their love of tea with their love of the flavours, purity and modern style of their Nordic homeland.


We’ve blended centuries of tea drinking with modern Nordic style and flavours to showcase our homeland in every cup. In our tea laboratory, we tea blend, we nap, we dance to 90´s Euro Pop, we experiment and we taste. In short, we use our hard work and creativity to free you of every worry about over hidden meaning or hidden ingredients.

With our tea, what you see is what you get. Just add hot water to bring to life the delicious taste and purity of the North.