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Forest Bathing


Forest bathing is a form of nature therapy. There are several researches published on how spending time in forest can boost your mental and physical health. There books about it and even an art form called Shinrin-Yoku or Japanese Art of Forest Bathing.

We Finns are lucky enough to be born in the most forested country of Europe and every Finn has relatively easy access to forests. It is even so accessible that sometimes we tend to take spending time in forest for granted. For this reason, we would like to promote a more conscious way of being in the wilderness. Autumn is the best time of the year to do it, the colors are intensely dark and soothing, the sounds are calm and relaxing, and there is an overall sense of stillness as the forest is preparing for winter.

Forest bathing is as simple as sitting down in middle of a scenery that makes you feel at piece, then just let your senses to calm and relax your eyes with the different shades of green in nature. Drink a cup of tea. Touch the moss. Feel the texture of a tree trunk. And take a deep, long breath in. You are part of nature. You are home.