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Kekri Goat


Bonfires and fire in general has always had an important role in autumn celebrations.

Burning of a straw goat is an ancient Finnish tradition related to ‘kekri’ harvest festivies. Burning of a Kekri Goat was the symbol for end of summer and beginning of long dark winter. The town gathered together around the burning goat to do harvest magic in hope of ensuring a good crops for the year to come.

The church banned ‘kekri’ in the 1700s and it lead that many songs, games, recipes and traditions related to ‘kekri’ are long lost and forgotten.

Lucky enough, the city of Kajaani, has revived the tradition of Kekri Goat. Each year, a new version of Kekri Goat is transported through Kajaani city to be put on a floating raft and pulled to middle of Kajaani river. The straw goat is burned at the end of October during city’s autumn harvest festivities.

Take a look at last years goat:

So if you’re planning a visit to Finland at the end of October, do not miss the burning of a traditional Kekri Goat in Kajaani. And if you are there, tag us @nordtcompany with pictures and we’ll share them across our social media channels!