Lapland in fall colors

‘Ruska’ travel tips


Have you got to experience fall in its full colours?

Autumn fall colours season, or ‘ruska’, start from northern Lapland in middle of September and continue until end of October in southern Finland. This year we can expect an amazing spectacle of colours- the dry and sunny summer has prevented any pests attack the leaf trees and thus they have remained in good shape until the autumn.

Our favorite places to enjoy autumn colors

No doubt about it, Kakslauttanen Resort in Lapland, is one of The Places to be to experience the wilderness in all its color glory.

For a traditional scenery over Finnish lake landscapes, head to Koli National Park and immerse yourself in nature glory. There are several good peaks to get an overall look of this fleeting colour season.

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Not enough time to get far out from Helsinki? No problem, because just a short bus or metro drive away from the central Helsinki, you can access Laajalahti Nature Reserve. In this miniature version of a Finnish National Park, where you can find The Best spot the observe bird migration. And you can see nature in autumn colours, all in one.

Or if you have a bit more time in the capital region you can access great National Parks of Nuuksio or Sipoonkorpi, almost as easily as Laajalahti.

If you’re staying in the capital region of Finland, send us a message to and maybe we can take you along the forest trips we make frequently.

Can’t travel to Finland this season?

We know the feeling when you really want to visit a place but can’t just get the chance to do it. We all have “traveled” to places through Google Street View. And for this type of free traveling, we can recommend a visit to Iijärvi in Kuusamo, a drive through Punkaharju ridge or experiencing Finnish archipelago on Åland islands.

But for a more real-time experience, our vote goes to live webcams. Like this one below from Levi fell in Lapland.

Levi Skiresort Live Webcam