A cup of loose leaf tea, maybe?


We hear a lot from people who prefer bagged teas that they feel loose leaf tea is time consuming and too messy to brew in every day life. Loose leaf tea is still many times, especially in our Nordic countries, seen as something only the very dedicated tea drinkers would use.

Well, we are here to prove loose leaf tea can be, and is, as easy to use as tea bags. 

We like to compare instant coffee to tea bags. They are indeed quick and easy, but instant coffee is not the same as brewed coffee or let alone coffee made from fresh ground beans in an espresso machine. With tea is the same, tea bags will brew you a quick cup of "instant tea" but just by putting a few more extra seconds into brewing you can enjoy a good cup of loose leaf tea. 

Next, this is how we brew loose leaf tea. And because we brew a lot of it, we apply a "simplistic Nordic method" to tea. And no, this is not an actual method, just something we have started to call hassle-free loose leaf tea brewing.

  1. First, take a loose leaf tea bag (usually found next to coffee filters in supermarkets).
tea bag2.jpg

2. Measure a tea spoon of tea. Some pure teas require even less leaves to be measured, and for example some of our tea bends require 2 tea spoons because of the real berries we use. We would still like to say; "less is more". You can play around with amounts and brewing time. If you use more leaves, maybe you do not need to brew it as long, unless you are looking for a really strong taste. 

tea spoon2.jpg

3. Yes, you guessed it! Tea leaves goes to tea bag.


4. Pour water over and wait.

If you drink a lot of loose leaf tea, you probably like to invest a few bucks for a kettle where you can set up the water temperature to different degrees. For example, this kettle with temperature control from Bosch will do the trick. It will make your life a lot simpler. When you are a proud owner of a temperature controlled kettle you will not need a thermometer to measure tea, or be cooling down too hot water with cold water. Whatever you decide to do, just remember to never use boiling hot water over loose leaf tea leaves. Make it too hot and it will "burn" the leaves and make the drink taste bitter.

Also, there are time recommendations how to get the best taste out of your tea, and they vary between white, green, black, oolong teas and infusions.

We would brew according to package instructions the first times you try a new tea. But, don't get stuck with it. There are days, we love to use cooler water than usually recommended and enjoy the taste tea leaves give. And there are days, when we put just a hint more leaves to make flavors more intense. 

Tea making is like cooking, once you learn it, you can just swing it. 

brewing a cup.jpg

5. Drink and enjoy. This is the best part. 

drink tea.jpg

There are a few other options of brewing loose leaf tea. You can use a tea strainer; opt for a spacious one that gives room for the leaves to expand during the brew.

tea strainer.jpg

Or you can just throw them in, let them float around freely and then strain.


That's about it. You do not invest more time or money to get a proper cup of loose leaf tea than you'd do to get a proper cup of coffee either. We've measured the time it takes to brew a pot of tea vs. a pot of coffee, and yes, To sum up, you'll need:

  • temperature controlled tea kettle
  • loose leaf tea bags or a tea strainer
  • measure spoon
  • timer or any other type of clock

Eazy breezy, right? So go out there and have some fun, tea lover!

Nina Rantala