Drinking tea with Anorak

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Who are you?
I am Lilli Norio, one of the three partners of the restaurant Anorak. I am also a head designer of the Finnish clothing brand R-Collection.

How do you like your tea? 
I love my tea just like it is. Sometimes I add fresh ginger. I love to use an iron tea pot where I let the tea infuse for a few minutes. I drink two cups every day. Normally I drink one cup of black tea and one cup of green tea.

What is your favorite NORD-T blend?  
I love the Kajjjaani flavour :)

What inspires you at the moment?
At the moment I am truly inspired by the colours of the Fall -> The leaves of trees, the lake, the forest and especially the mushrooms!

Anorak is having a 1-year-anniversary, congratulations! Tell us more about Anorak! What is the story?
Anorak started as passionate project of three young entrepreneurs. Olli Saastamoinen, the son of the owners of the Finnish heritage brand R-Collection, found this old building from the heart of Kajaani. The Saastamoinen family and Lilli Norio, Olli’s girlfriend, bought the building and renovated it for three years. Joonas Sirviö, the CEO and the third partner of the restaurant had recently moved to Kajaani from Helsinki where he had worked for well-known restaurants. It was natural for these three enthusiastic and creative people to team up and together they found the company Anorak Restaurants Oy.

Please share your best travel tip to Kajaani.
Of course go to restaurant Anorak and have a cocktail and some fresh fish dish from the local lake. And for dessert have a cup of tea with a yogurt pannacotta. After you can go and see some great play in the Kajaani theatre.

Thank you Lilli, and the rest of the Anorak tea! We wish you many more years to come!

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