Detox or not to detox


Today is a perfect day to share with you why we do not preach about health benefits in tea; we do not promise you a good night sleep, a flat tummy, a brighter skin or skinnier body by simply drinking a cup of tea. We are not here to make you even more beautiful than you are, by offering a 28-day long detox cleanse.

We are here to talk about tea as a damn tasty beverage.

And why is that?

Firstly, we believe that if everything that you put in your body is truly natural and pure, it is by default, good for you. When you eat and drink food without additives or unnecessary flavourings, you are treating your body well - no matter if the package reads "detox". "skinny" or "flat tummy".

Secondly, we are Finns. And we Finns are known for delivering dry fact-based information. It means, we need a study- a credible publication reviewed by several scientists, with multiple excel sheets, test results, formulas and people in laboratory coats delivering hard evidence- before promising you a good night sleep or a brighter skin. For example, L-theanine, an amino acid found in eg. green tea, show that L-theanine has a direct effect on the brain (Juneja et al. Trends in Food Science & Tech 1999;10;199-204). L-theanine significantly increases activity in the alpha frequency band which indicates that it relaxes the mind without inducing drowsiness.

As a conclusion, we want you to indulge yourself in a good cup of tea. We have searched in the Finnish forests- the shopping mall of Mother Nature- for all the finest ingredients there are available. With minimal amount of processing (to ensure we get them to you as close as they would be found fresh in the nature), the NORD-T products are blended together so you can just sit back and enjoy.

Truly natural, without any added flavourings or marketing gimmicks.

Nina RantalaComment