A cup of tea to defeat loneliness

Two weeks ago we took part in an event put together by HelsinkiMissio to defeat loneliness among senior citizens. Over a cup of tea we were able to have many heartfelt chats, countless laughs and hear tons of stories. Even plenty of hugs where shared.


HelsinkiMissio is a Finnish organization with one single core purpose - to alleviate loneliness among all citizens. Loneliness can affect anyone - at different times, in different ways. And loneliness can be more than just feeling sad or physically being alone. It can be a painful sense of disconnect and isolation. According to HelsinkiMissio, there are 400 000 Finns suffering from loneliness. If that is just the number in Finland's small population, what must be the numbers elsewhere?

Tools to defeat loneliness is to increase communality and encounters; creating spaces for people to be sociable and have connections. Even small actions can make a difference in someones day: greeting your neighbour or calling that person you have not heard from in ages. Or you can join in and be a volunteer at a local organization. No matter what you choose to do, do it today. So many children, adults and seniors are waiting for someone to talk to. Alone.