Drinking tea with Erika

Our beloved series is back! "Drinking tea with..." was one of the most popular contents on our site in 2018 and we're continuing with it in 2019. This time we are talking with lovely Erika from Erika Petersdotter Keramik, one of our retailers in Stockholm. 


Please, tell us who you are.
I´m a 33-year-old, mother of two boys Igor (4) and Ludvig (6), having my dream come true which is being a full-time potter with my own studio and shop in Södermalm, Stockholm.

Tells us the story of the pottery studio and how it came to be?
I first fell in love with pottery in High School while studying Arts&Form. I felt really strongly that I needed to learn how to master the wheel and that's how it all started. When I moved to Stockholm, I started an internship at the nearest pottery studio which later on, with luck and hard work, came to be my own!

When you drink a cup of tea, how do you prefer it?
I have always loved a hot cup of tea, and most of the time I prefer it black, naturell without milk and sometimes with a bit of honey.

What is your favourite NORD-T blend?
My favourite blend is Sunset at noon. It reminds me of Swedish cinnamon buns.

Why did you select NORD-T as your tea supplier?
My friend, who has a blog about food, told me about NORD-T. I like that it's produced with love in a small scale and with Nordic flavours. That’s the sort of products I want to have in my store.

Can you share your best tip on what to do in Stockholm during winter?
Winter in Stockholm means short, cold days and, as in Finland - Sunset at noon. So be sure to make it out before it gets dark. Skiing in Hammarbybacken or taking walks at Djurgården is nice. But staying in with a cup of tea and a movie isn’t bad either.

What inspires you at the moment?
At the moment the winter and snow inspire me. The cold dark days are not so bad, they can be inspiring too.

Thank you Erika! If you want to take a look at her beautiful pottery work, please pay a visit to:


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