Drinking tea with Mayumi from ARCO

Often we share tips to each others on where to go when wanting to eat &drink well, or where to find that perfect gift to your dear friend. Beyond just sharing locations where to go to (you can find a lot of good places to visit in our Store Locator), we felt like sharing stories and talks with people running the businesses.

This post is the first one in series. We asked Mayumi from ARCO Store in Japan to share light on her taste on tea, travel tips and what she would put in a gift basket.

Arco Store Nagoya 1.jpg

How do you like your tea? 

I always love to have hot tea with a strong flavor, so I usually put my tea leaf in the cup and brew longer than what instruction says. I also love to add some milk, make black tea-latte in the hot pot. But this is for something special for my own treat.

What is your favorite NORD-T blend? 

My favorite is definitely Sunset At Noon as I love the stronger flavor of tea, it does matches my taste. I also made a tea-late brewing with milk, and it tasted fantastic! Both straight tea and tea-latte make me very relaxed and peaceful mind. We are also recommending Sunset at Noon on our website.

What would you put in a gift basket?

I am personally one of the biggest sugar freaks, so I usually pick some chocolates or candies, and something like that for someone’s gift. But as I am getting older, friends of mine prefer to receive something more mature. So recently I wrap up sweets with some blended tea. If I would pick a gift from NORD-T, I would go with Stockholm or Cabin Fever. Because the flavor of Stockholm reminds me of caramels, and Cabin Fever reminds me of my favorite handmade pie, strawberry & rhubarb pie. It is drinking tea, but also feels like eating some sweets at the same time, and it is one of the greatest moment to spend a time together with someone.

Please share your best travel tip to Osaka.

I am originally from Tokyo and just moved to Osaka this February, but Osaka Castle Park is a great place to visit and take a walk during the day. Also you can take a boat trip around the castle. Speaking about park, Expo 70 commemorative park also seems very nice to have a relaxing day. If you have enough time and want to visit more Japanese traditional place, Kyoto is only 30 minutes by local express train. As I experienced both trip, Osaka is more for fun in the city and for eating/drinking tour, and Kyoto is more for traditional and nature experiences.

While visiting Finland, what would you like to experience? 

I would love to visit Finland in winter and experience nice and cold snow! I also would love to see aurora with my husband! It is on my to-do-list. I also want to visit in summer because in Japan it is way too hot, so swimming in the lake in the Finland forest also must be the greatest and also different experience I cannot have while in Japan.


Thank you Mayumi and welcome to Finland! Have you visited ARCO already? Send a hello through our comment box!