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Dear tea lovers,

We are so excited to launch our very first Indiegogo-campaign. The journey of starting to make tea in a coffee drinking country has been filled with nutty ideas, many phone calls, hours spend in forests picking raw material for test blends, endless problem solving sessions and countless moments filled with uncontrollable laughter. 

We spend almost two years researching tea, working together with restaurants and cafes to test our blends, and forming our package design. One year ago, at the very brink of midsummer, just like now, we got our craft tea blends to be tested in retail stores. It was a moment to remember, because we literally cried when we saw them there, ready to be brought home by tea drinkers. 

Now we are ready take step number 5 of our company strategy plan (first ones being; 1. Get the idea, 2. Do the homework, 3. Test out your product, 4. Launch retail sales). We want to be able to ensure we get enough raw materials harvested for next winter. As we work with 100% nature grown ingredients, we have to enlist as many farmers, berry pickers and herb gardens to produce what we need. And, a succesful campaign means also, we'll be able to level up our production and do some improvements on our package.

So, with no further due, let's get the campaign started!