Cabin Fever 40g

Cabin Fever 40g


green tea, strawberry, rhubarb, blackcurrant leaf

What does an entire nation long for year-round? The Summer Cabin. Most of us spend our summer vacation mosquito-squatting somewhere in the vast wilderness. However, the cabin holiday is not all about saunas and skinny-dipping, it is also about getting our hands dirty and growing anything and everything that tastes or looks good. Rhubarb and strawberries are the essential combo in every summer garden, and as a result they are rightfully adorning this very special green tea. If you ask a Finn what summer tastes like - they might lovingly say it tastes like this tea.

Absolutely refined tea. Delicate and fresh. Rhubarb and currant brings slight bitterness and acidity to the tea, while strawberries add wonderful sweetness to this green tea mixture.

Brewing instructions: 2 tsp, 80°C, 3-6 min
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