Paper filter tea bags

Paper filter tea bags


We love these disposable paper filter bags! They make loose leaf tea brewing simple and convenient. Use them at home or fill them up with your favorite tea and take them with you to places you know might not serve tea quality up to a tea-lovers-standards. We NORD-T tea girls are all about practicality and ease-of-use (that’s the Finnishness in us), the reason why we prefer tea filter bags over strainers. Strainers are always too small for the big tea leaves to fully expand and you must’ve faced with the same annoyance when cleaning a strainer as we have. Thus, we invite you to join our club of “Making Loose Leaf Tea Drinking Easy” - please grab yourself of box of paper filter bags!

How to use? Put tea leaves in the bag, close it by pulling the string and place it in a cup or in a teapot. Let it brew and when ready, dispose the bag with other biodegradable waste.

Size? There are 20 filter bags in each package.

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