Here is one tea for early summer, midsummer and late summer. Try them cold or hot!

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Afloat with Folkboat 25 g

strawberry, birch leaf, nettle, liquorice root

Thousands of lakes and picturesque archipelagos dot the Nordic land. With some big body of water always on the way, people here use boats to get around. The folkboat is the traditional ‘vehicle’ for hopping from island to island and commuting to the main shores. In July, when the weather is warm, there is no better activity than setting the folkboat on the calm sea and just relaxing, while the rich scents of summer nature surround you. For us Nordic people, nettle, birch, and strawberries mean summer. Added to this tea is also our national goodie taste—liquorice—for a full-bodied tea drinking experience.

This is a semi-sweet infusion with deep but delicate flavours, which layer richly on the palate. No caffeine or otherwise stimulating effects. Perfect after dinner or just before bedtime. Hint! Make a cold brew and you get the best iced tea!

Brewing instructions: 2 tsp, 80 °C, 5 min

Cabin Fever 40 g

green tea, strawberry, rhubarb, blackcurrant leaf

What does an entire nation long for year-round? The Summer Cabin. Most of us spend our summer vacation mosquito-squatting somewhere in the vast wilderness. However, the cabin holiday is not all about saunas and skinny-dipping, it is also about getting our hands dirty and growing anything and everything that tastes or looks good. Rhubarb and strawberries are the essential combo in every summer garden, and as a result they are rightfully adorning this very special green tea. If you ask a Finn what summer tastes like—they might lovingly say it tastes like this tea.

Absolutely refined tea. Delicate and fresh. Rhubarb and blackcurrant bring slight bitterness and acidity, while strawberries add wonderful sweetness to this green tea blend.

Brewing instructions: 2 tsp, 80 °C, 4 min

Bear Hug 45 g

green tea, lingonberry, birch leaf, heather

Bears are well known for their love of forest goodies. In the autumn, our friendly Scandinavian bears’ only priority is to stuff their bellies full of berries. These marvellous mini foods have superpowers that sustain the bears through the long and cold Nordic winter. This tea will give you superpowers too—invincible energy, as if you were given a power hug by a big soft bear and then sent off to conquer the elements. Or whatever there is out there for you to conquer.

This tea is fresh and grassy. It has a crude and slightly sour taste, all balanced in a very delicate way. Real lingonberries bring beautiful light red hue to the brew.

Brewing instructions: 2 tsp, 80 °C, 4 min

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