NORD-T tea bowl - limited edition

NORD-T tea bowl - limited edition


NORD-T tea bowl by Udumbara- limited edition now available!

Eva Spoof, the artist behind Udumbara, works with wild, local clay from the small village of Kultela in Somero, Southwestern Finland. She has worked with ceramics for well over 20 years and creates her pieces in her pottery studio and gallery in Helsinki, Finland. The ecological material of Finnish red clay gives the tea bowl a wonderfully rich character and earthy feel.

Wild clay is more complicated to handle than its industrially mixed counterpart, requiring both skill and patience – so much so that it is rarely used in ceramics production anymore. The process takes a lot longer, too, as the items are left to stand for up to months prior to burning, a phase that is particularly hairy with wild clay.

“With this choice of material, I want to underline the value of local, natural wild clay,” Spoof says.

NORD-T tea bowl inspired by fall

The idea behind NORD-T tea bowl originates to the thought of capturing the Nordic fall into the design. As nature is preparing for a long and hard winter, it looks like it is burning- leaves are turning red and yellow, before completely falling off. What is left after this colourful spectacle is a raw & bare nature. The crack in the tea bowl reminds of this transition between fall and winter, like a little scar left after autumn storms, falling leaves and first cold nights.

Each tea bowl is a unique item, with it’s own character- decorated with small recycled glass dots.

The bowl is meant to last. And the more you use it, better it’ll be, as the clay curates with time and heavy use.

1 NORD-T tea bowl á 59€.

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Rinse with water after every use. Do not machine wash. Let air dry. Organic, untreated clay needs to be used to prevent unwanted cracks.