Tea Blends

Our signature collection of pure teas blended with forest berries and ingredients from the Scandinavian woods takes you on a sensory journey through the pristine North. Flavourful, wonderfully balanced and richly nuanced, these tea blends use the most loved and classic Nordic forest ingredients and deliver a truly distinctive cup of tea


What does an entire nation long for year-round? The Summer Cabin. Most of us spend our summer
vacation mosquito-squatting somewhere in the vast wilderness. However, the cabin holiday is not all
about saunas and skinny-dipping, it is also about getting our hands dirty and growing anything and
everything that tastes or looks good. Rhubarb and strawberries are the essential combo in every summer
garden, and as a result they are rightfully adorning this very special green tea. If you ask a Finn what
summer tastes like – they might lovingly say it tastes like this tea.

Absolutely refined tea. Delicate and fresh. Rhubarb and currant brings slight bitterness and acidity to the
tea, while strawberries add wonderful sweetness to this green tea mixture.


Moose sightings are the norm in Scandinavia. Chances are that a moose or two are always running around wherever you go. Further north, you may see more reindeer than moose, but what is certain is that some big animal is likely hiding behind the trees. If you happen to roam around these lands, look out for moose swimming across the lakes in the morning mist. It is a sight to remember. Also memorable is this black tea blend with berries, blackcurrants leaves and red clovers. Its flavour will take you on a journey through the wilderness!

This is a delicate blackcurrant tea with hints of fragrant red clover flowers. Aromatic black tea gives a tannic structure and lingering flavour to a very traditional tea blend. With a deep colour and delightful blackcurrant scent, this tea is both sensual and fresh at the same time.


When temperatures drop down below what the rest of the world can comprehend, and the snow starts piling
on metre high drifts, there are few better activities than taking a dogsled ride through the Arctic Circle. Far away
from city noises, all you will hear is your breath vaporizing from the crispy cold weather as the dogs pull you under
the clear, starlit sky. Once you reach your perfect viewing point, you lie underneath the open sky, pull out your
thermos and wait for nature’s most colourful show. As the northern lights start their dance and you take a sip of
your tea, life is lived at its fullest. A perfect moment for a polar nightcap!

The union of rooibos with sea buckthorn is stunning! A bit sweet, but at the same time slightly bitter and bubbly.
Savoury taste and dazzling color gets you hooked for nights to come. No caffeine.